White Sole Crepe
Coloured Sole Crepe
Thin Pale Crepe
This type of rubber is used exclusively by manufacturers of shoes. This product made from Natural Crepe rubber is highly elastic and an excellent material for use under any climatic conditions. This rubber is manufactured with special care and is highly labour intensified. It is exported in the form of a natural rubber, made to order as required by manufacturers. The sheets are made in two sizes i.e. 18” x 39” or 13” x 36”. Thickness of the sheets ranges from 3mm to 16mm. The surface of the sheets is either smooth or pebbly finish. The rubber is packed in cardboard cartons weighing nett. 83.33 kilos. The cartons are palletised for export.

In all respects the basic raw rubber is the same as white. However to obtain the various colours required, the raw latex is mixed with imported high quality textile dyes.

The results have been excellent, with reference to buyers’ requirements.


This rubber is of very high grade and is manufactured in lace form.
 It is used mostly by manufacturers of medical or pharmaceutical products.
Thick Pale Crepe No. 1X
Thick Brown Crape 1X, 3X Brown Estate
= [Private Millers Grade]
This pure natural rubber is of very high grade. It is made from white laces and rolled into thick sheets. This form of presentation is famous for its long-lasting colour, and is free from impurities. It has been tested and proven to be superior to all technically specified rubbers produced in other parts of the world. It has many uses, such as high quality medical equipment, moulded applications, and because of its very white appearance, is also used for canvas shoe soling.
Thick Pale Crepe No.1 is slightly darker in colour but has all the properties of the box IX grade.
Thick Pale Crepe grade No.2. and 3 [WHITE] are a darker shade in colour, has different properties such as stains and mottled patches. These grades are mostly used by manufactures of jogging walking shoes, Canvas shoes soles, tuber bands and rubber slippers.

The price of this rubber is cheaper than the IX and 1 grade..
RSS Grades 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Skim Crepe Liquid Latex High Amonia (HA) and Low Amonia (LA)
This rubber is the basic raw material for the automobile tyre industry.
This is Sri Lanka’s reply to the equivalent of skim block. This high protein grade is available in thick crepe from in bundles of 50 kilos, which is easy to separate and handle in manufacturers factories.

We can ship 16/17 loose or on base pallets 16/17 M/Tons per FCL

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